Wall wraps for businesses can be a great way to add branding or interior design to a commercial space. Wall wraps can be used in conjunction with raised lettering or a raised logo.

Wall wraps can do what signs can’t though. Wall wraps can add graphic design that would be impossible with a sign.

Wall wraps can be used to reinforce brand in the interior of a business. Reinforcing brand identity and what a company stands for helps customers and employees identify with a business. When customers and employees identify with a business and feel good about a business, good things happen!

There are few important things to consider about wall wraps. Who will be seeing the graphics? Will customers and employees see it, or just one or the other. Internal branding can be different from customer facing branding so it’s important to consider who’ll be looking at it.

It’s important to consider the size and shape of the wall. The wall featured in this post was 13ft tall and 11ft wide. It was very important to make sure that the graphics would fit the space properly. That means taking accurate measurements and scaling the design files accordingly.

Another consideration is the finish. It is recommended to use a satin finish to reduce reflections. Gloss finish will reflect some of the other objects in the space and make it more difficult to see the graphics. A satin finish stands out much better for wall wraps.

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