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what to know about vehicle wraps

A vehicle wrap is an excellent way to market your small business wherever you drive. This exposes thousands of other drivers and pedestrians to your company, all with a simple, one-time investment. Before you decide to utilize vehicle wrap advertising though, there are some general basics you need to understand ahead of time.

Does It Damage Your Paint Job?

Usually, a vehicle wrap does not cause any kind of damage to your paint. However, a vehicle wrap can damage the paint if left on beyond their lifespan.  Also it is possible during the removal process that clear coat and or paint may come off.  Although not common, it can happen.  It usually happens when the vehicle has been repainted, or “touched up” or when there is a paint/primer recall.

How Long Does the Vehicle Wrap Last?

There are some variables involved with your vehicle wrap, including the kind of weather you experience, temperature and other issues you cannot control. In Arizona, vehicle wraps longevity varies greatly depending on the film used and how the wrap is cared for. Standard film on horizontal surfaces left exposed 24 hours a day without regular cleaning will have a lifespan of about 12 months.  However, vehicle wraps that are meticulously maintained, waxed once a week, parked in covered parking overnight and see limited sun exposure look as good as the day they were wrapped 3 years ago.

Is Special Maintenance Required?

One of the great things regarding vehicle wrap advertisements is no special maintenance is required. Outside of washing your car several times a month you don’t need to do anything different. A clean vehicle ensures the wrap stays on for as long as possible. Not cleaning your vehicle often will reduce the life expectancy of the wrap.

What Kind of Vehicle Works?

Really, any kind of vehicle is able to receive a vehicle wrap, ranging from a coupe to a full-sized truck or even a semi. There is no size or shape requirement for a vehicle wrap. The wraps are made specifically for the panels of your vehicle, which allows for a perfect fit.

Best Practice for Information Placement

Many first-time vehicle wrap users want to place as much information onto the wrap as possible. Generally speaking, it is best to place as little as you need to sell your product. People only see the wrap when they drive past, so they need to be able to obtain all the vital information in a few moments.


what is vehicle wrap advertising

Looking for ways to expand your advertising dollars? If so, vehicle wrap advertising may prove to be the best opportunity available to you. With a high return on investment and the ability to last for years, you’ll be hard pressed to find another option capable of surpassing the value and longevity of this option. If you are unsure of what vehicle wrap advertising is, here are some answers you may have been looking for.

Any Vehicle

A vehicle wrap is a typically vinyl cover that is fixed to your vehicle. It goes over, often panel by panel, fitting perfectly to your vehicle. As the wrap is designed for your vehicle specifically, it is possible to attach it to any vehicle. After the wrap is applied it looks like a paint job applied to the vehicle, only it features your desired photographs and advertising material. This way, it is possible to fit whatever you currently own.

Information Placed on Wrap

It really is up to you what you place on the vehicle wrap. It typically is recommended to use an attention grabbing image that can be identified on one side of the vehicle (as many who see your vehicle only come in contact with one side at a time). You can also place any kind of written information onto the wrap, although you should keep it brief enough to make it easily seen by drivers, easily recognizable and easily remembered. This way, it is possible for anyone to instantly identify the information and recall it later.

Long Lasting

A vehicle wrap often lasts five years or longer on your vehicle. It can last twice this long, based on how well you take care of the wrap (on top of some weather variables). The long lasting nature of the wrap makes it possible for it to continually bring in additional leads through the one time payment. Then, when you are ready to remove the wrap or if you want to upgrade it to a new wrap, you can have it removed without any kind of damage to your vehicle. It actually helps protect the vehicle’s paint.

With the available perks connected with vehicle wrap advertising, you may find it is your best marketing option. Now that you have a better understanding as to what it is, you can decide now whether or not it works into your budget and your marketing approach.


Why choose vehicle wraps?

Looking for potential marketing opportunities for your business? While there are many options out there, one of the best is a vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps provide a unique advertising method, different from any other option yet it also may prove the most financial desirable. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose vehicle wrap advertising for your business.

Impression Numbers

Depending on where you live, it is possible for hundreds of people to see your vehicle every mile. With the vehicle wrap, it stands out from the crowd, resulting in drivers, passengers and pedestrians looking at your vehicle. It makes it possible to take your business marketing anywhere you go, which is simply not something you can do easily with any other form of advertising.

Cost Effective

There are very few marketing opportunities that are as cost effective as vehicle wrap advertising. With vehicle wraps, you pay a one time fee, wash the car a few times a month and you’re good to go. Other than this, there really is no other kind of fee you’ll run into. There are very few other marketing options you can use costing you a couple hundred dollars with this kind of return. When you think about how long the marketing lasts, it makes the investment that much more desirable.

Long Lasting

A vehicle wrap has the ability to last well over five years (potentially double depending on how well you take care of your vehicle and the weather). If you think about it, this means you’re spending $5 a month or so on your vehicle marketing. No other option even comes close to this kind of value.


There are a few benefits connected with advertising using your vehicle. Now, every time you drive your vehicle the gas expense can be included in the marketing budget. It also means your advertising campaign is found on a depreciable asset as well. All of these options may help you with your taxes later on in the year. This is an excellent marketing option as your audience increases while the cost decreases.

From reaching more potential clients than ever before to offering an inexpensive marketing option, there is little to lose and much to gain when it comes to vehicle wrap advertising. This is why you need to heavily consider using this method for spreading word of your company and the services it provides.


Professional printing service for photographers

As a photographer, you understand the importance of a well produced photograph. You spend time composing the perfect shot, capturing it, then editing it in your photo editor. Should you want to make prints of the photograph you need the right professional printing services for photographers. You don’t want to simply go down to the corner drug store and have this location print off your photographs. Instead, there are specifics you need to work with to make sure your photographs are beautifully displayed and produced with your professional printing for photographers.

Proper Monitor Color Balance

Before you even start editing photographs, you do need to make sure the color levels on your monitor are accurate. All monitors are set at different color spectrums, which cause problems with printers as these printers may not be set up to the same color spectrum levels. Correcting your monitor color balance ensures everything is accurate. This way, when you go to the printer, the colors do not come out incorrectly, darker or lighter than you want.

Printer Resolution

Printer resolution is essential for your high-definition prints. With all of these different photographs, you need something that can handle a considerable amount of information during the print job. While the printer may not be able to produce the full resolution of a 30 megapixel camera, look over the resolution to make sure this fits your particular needs. The larger the print size, the greater the resolution you need.

Printer Works With You

Above everything else, when looking for the right professional printing for photographers, you need someone who is able to work with you. Never just hand off your print and expect it to come out perfectly. You need test prints and examples to make sure everything will come out perfectly. The last thing you want is to order 100 prints, only to have everything come back incorrectly. A professional printing service should work with you every step of the way. If they don’t, you need to look and find a different print service.

Professional printers should be able to handle a host of print services. Always double check this first.

As a photographer, quality of your print matters. You are use to seeing your photograph at a high resolution. Your print job should reflect this. By finding the right professional printer for photographers, you’ll always be happy with the final result.


What Are The Best Vehicle Graphics For Your Business?

Did you know that your company has a story to tell? And did you realize that you can do this on your company vehicles? Visual communications is the most effective way of advertising today. Everywhere you look, you see enticing and appealing pictures and cleverly placed words. Choosing images and graphics that speak louder than words will give you an advantage over your competition every time.

Here are some tips to help you to decide what the best vehicle graphics for your business are.

  • Make your logo graphic, big, and bold. Don’t be afraid to see your name and logo out there where it’s never been there before. You’ll get used to it, especially the more your business picks up. Beautiful, well placed graphics and designs are what turn heads and attract attention, and this is best done when you advertise on your car. Logo design services are available if you need a new logo design or would like to update your existing one.
  • Advertise on every vehicle. Does your business have a fleet of trucks or cars, or an RV, or just one truck? Put these all to work for you. Your vehicle wrap team will work with you to create the most effective message it can to bring your business into the community and beyond. Just think of everyone who will be able to see your message!
  • Graphics come in all shapes and sizes. Always stick with your basic business information when designing your vehicle wrap. Wraps can be all inclusive of your vehicle or just something on the back or the sides, it’s all up to you. Advertising vehicles in this way is very cost-effective, and you will be so surprised at how word about your business and your services can spread when you advertise on your car. Isn’t that exactly what you want for your marketing dollars?
  • Be like the big businesses, because now you can. With state-of-the-art vehicle wraps in colorful, bold designs, you’ll be on your way to bringing your business into a whole new light.

Whether you are a landscape company, an athletic team, food truck, service vehicle, mobile pet salon or more, there is a vehicle wrap waiting for you. Make vehicle wrap designs an integral part of your overall business marketing strategy. Who doesn’t want to turn heads all day and all night?


Are QR Codes a good idea on Vehicle Wraps?

QR Codes on Vehicle Wraps

Whether you recognize them or not, you’ve seen QR codes.  They’re those square shaped puzzle like things that you’re supposed to scan with your smartphone to find out more.  But first you need to download an app that will scan the code…

First the most obvious thing that comes to mind is:  How do you scan a QR code on a moving vehicle without getting in a crash?  Next is:  Why would you scan a QR code?  If you see a wrap for ABC plumbers and you’re thinking you need to contact them, why wouldn’t you just “Google”  ABC plumbers and get the phone number?

Scanning QR codes while driving is a bad idea!

Scanning QR codes while driving is a bad idea!

Here’s the thing about QR codes, in America.  They’ve already been “ruined by marketers” as marketing genius Gary Vaynerchuk says.  For the most part QR codes have directed people toward the homepage of a website.  If we wanted to goto the homepage of a company’s website we would have just done it, not scanned a code and then waited.  It used to be that QR codes would take you to a unique URL, not the homepage.  So there was at least a little mystery involved and people might have scanned it just to see.  But marketers came in and said “Hey this is a great way to send people to our homepage”.   And so now the feeling is “why should I scan that, it just takes me to the homepage” .

For a better understanding of why QR codes are not going to work in the United States ready Gary’s post HERE


The Complete Guide To Vehicle Wrap Marketing

3 Keys to Vehicle Wrap Marketing


If you’re considering a vehicle wrap marketing consider this:  When you’re out on the road, what catches your eye? Is it a billboard or is it a creatively designed ‘sign’ on a vehicle? Your eyes have probably been drawn towards images, logos, and designs that are splashy and eye-catching, but not tacky or overdone.

Vehicle wraps can be an extremely cost effective way to promote your business and build brand recognition.  When measured against other forms of advertising, the cost per 1,000 impressions on vehicle wraps is way lower!  Check out this infographic we created to see a comparative cost analysis.

Here are 3 things you should be thinking about when it comes to vehicle wraps:

  • Keep it short.  We can’t stress this enough!  Your main aim is to build name, or brand awareness right?   Your professionally designed logo needs to be the star of the show.   Your tagline and contact info should be secondary characters. There is absolutely no need for other copy such as a list of services or your locations.  People are more than capable of digging deeper and using Google to find your website and learn more about you.  But they WILL NOT do that if they don’t remember your name because there’s too much information on your wrap!  Remember, when it comes to vehicle wrap advertising, you have only about 3 seconds to get your point across!
  • Make it clear. Don’t be mysterious or use words in a playful way if it doesn’t suit your business needs. This rule also goes for any images or colorful designs that you incorporate. Everything should point to a direct message that everyone understands when they see it. This is where correct logo development comes into play. Remember, the key to an effective vehicle is all in your logo design, and you may even wish to have your logo redone before you embark upon a vehicle wrap marketing campaign.
  • Be bold. Boldness may not be something you have considered right off the bat. You might be thinking a bold design is not professional or that the message will look less than business-like.  This is not true. A well-designed colorful, bold message and logo with your appropriate business information will be the magic you’ve been looking for. Use designs that fully embrace your vehicle and that are visible from all angles.  Sometimes business owners are uncomfortable with going bold.  This is because they themselves are more low key.  It’s fine to be low key in your personal appearance and life, but low key when it comes to marketing and branding will get you low key results.  If you’re ok with not standing out, not being remembered, then low key is for you.  If you want to stand out, be noticed and remembered, then you have to be bold.  You have to be the needle in the haystack, not the haystack.

When you are ready to put your marketing dollars to good use, whether you are thinking about a new company logo design or not, consider the effectiveness and visibility of vehicle wrap marketing.


How Can Vehicle Wrap Advertising Help Your Business?

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you’re always looking for effective ways to market your business.  Traditional forms of media such as television, print and radio can be effective, however you’ll need a significant and ongoing budget to make it work and to be memorable.

Truck - Vector Illustration

Advertising using vehicle wraps is one of the best ways to make your business name shine above all the others. Aside from online advertising, it’s the only offline marketing that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Furthermore, vehicle advertising can reach many people you would never reach in the online world.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about vehicle wraps:

  • Vehicle advertising is an extremely cost-effective way to reach 1,000’s of people.  CPM is a measurement advertisers use when pricing their reach.  For example, the average cost to reach 1,000 people on television is $17.78.  The average cost to reach 1,000 people using a truck wrap is just 77 cents!  We’ve created this handy infographic showing you a cost comparison, click HERE to see it.
  • Vehicle wraps are great for brand development. When people see your company name consistently, they’ll start to remember your name.  When it comes to brand development, recognition and memory are everything.  In todays hyper competitive crowded market you just can’t afford to blend in, you have to stand out!  A visually stunning, memorable and large logo on  vehicle is a great way to get people’s attention.  If your company needs logo design assistance to maximize the effectiveness of your vehicle advertising, now would be a great time for that!
  • Vehicle wraps give your business the greatest visibility for the least amount of money.  This is exactly what you want from a marketing campaign – visibility in the areas where you do business

So, if you’ve been thinking about putting a vehicle wrap on your car, RV, van, truck or fleet, don’t hesitate another minute. Get some great ideas about company logo design from our team of experts. We’ll help you take your business to a whole new level.

Remember!  To be truly effective, it’s not an either or situation.  Vehicle wraps in addition to online/digital advertising can be extremely effective. Just think of your vehicle wrap as a banner ad of the roadways!

Remember! To be truly effective, it's not an either or situation. Vehicle wraps in addition to online/digital advertising can be extremely effective. Just think of your vehicle wrap as a banner ad of the roadways!

Remember! To be truly effective, it’s not an either or situation. Vehicle wraps in addition to online/digital advertising can be extremely effective. Just think of your vehicle wrap as a banner ad of the roadways!

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