When it comes to vehicle wraps for businesses, what’s important? Your logo, contact info, some kind of eye catching graphic design right? While that might be true, it’s also important to think about what will people actually remember. What are people likely to remember? Feelings. Good and bad. But you’d rather people remember good feelings about your company right? Of course, so how is that done?

Vehicle wrap design and layout is extremely important to communicating a positive and memorable feeling. If the logo and contact information are out of proportion to each other the design will look confusing. For example if the phone number is too big in relation to the logo. If all the text is the same size that can be hard to look at and not memorable.

The placement of the information is also important. One rule of thumb for commercial vans is to try to have the logo in the top half of the van. That way when cars are parked next to the van at a stop light or while driving on the freeway, people can still read the logo. As noted in our previous blog post, the logo is the most important part of a commercial vehicle wrap.

Lastly, think of your potential client… what important thing do you want them to remember about your company. When asked that question most business owners reply with “Our logo, phone number website and our bullet points, and that we’re professional, that we belong to abc organization are certified, bonded insured and that we’re also on Facebook, instagram and twitter”

That is WAAAAY too much information for anyone to remember even if the vehicle is stopped, let along driving at 50mph.

When thinking of your potential client the most important thing in your vehicle wrap must be your logo. Your logo must communicate easily what your business does.

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