When it comes to a vehicle wrap design for your business there are many things you could put on your wrap, and far less that you should put on your wrap.

You should put your contact information, phone number & website. You should put your tagline (if you have one). You could even put what your company does. But the most important element is none of those.

The most important element of a commercial vehicle wrap is the logo. The logo is the only way potential clients are going to be able to recognize, remember and feel good about your company. If your logo is not professional looking, lost in the mix or too small the entire wrap will not be as effective as it could be.

If your logo is not professional, it may come across as cheap and hokey. An unprofessional logo will reflect poorly on you. Even though you might actually be very professional. Your actual service and quality may be top notch. But people won’t want to give you a chance if you don’t look the part.

If your logo is lost in the mix, that means you have too much other information in your wrap. Make sure you don’t have than one phone number, bullet points. Putting other companies logos on your wrap can be confusing. Also, lots of photographs and other design elements can make the logo fade into the background. If you want to be remembered that cannot happen.

Same goes for a logo that is too small in relation to the other elements. Effective vehicle wraps stand out while MOVING – from a distance. In an effective vehicle wrap design the name of the company can be easily remembered by people.

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