Are Vehicle Wraps Good for Small Businesses?

As a small business owner, you know the importance of stretching your dollar further. You don’t have the massive marketing budgets of larger corporations, and yet you may compete directly with several. How do you make sure the largest number of customers sees your advertising for the smallest price tag? Consider a vehicle wrap.

Average Cost Per Impression

Investing in online inbound marketing is a must for your business. However, outbound marketing is still a valuable addition to any marketing campaign. This can include television and radio ads, newspaper advertisements, billboards and so on. But how does a vehicle wrap compare with these other forms of advertising? According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, the average billboard costs around $3.56 per thousand views. Newspaper costs jump all the way up to $19.70 per thousand views. A vehicle wrap costs around $4 per thousand views.

Better Than a Billboard Advertisement

The average cost of vehicle wraps is almost 50 cents higher than billboards, but the quality of views is substantially in favor of your vehicle wrap. Why? Because your vehicle moves. While a billboard may average a few cents less per thousand views, the same people will see the advertisement over and over. This means many of the views are not unique. With a vehicle wrap, your car can travel around town and visit different locations. So, while you may spend a few more cents per thousand views, you’ll expose a greater number of individuals to your advertisement at a lower price.

Invest in a Vehicle Wrap

The combination of price and exposure makes vehicle wraps one of the best marketing investment options around. If you’re ready to improve your advertising game, contact SmartWrap today.