What to know about Vehicle Wraps.

A vehicle wrap is an excellent way to market your small business wherever you drive. This exposes thousands of other drivers and pedestrians to your company, all with a simple, one-time investment. Before you decide to utilize vehicle wrap advertising though, there are some general basics you need to understand ahead of time.

Does It Damage Your Paint Job?

Usually, a vehicle wrap does not cause any kind of damage to your paint. However, a vehicle wrap can damage the paint if left on beyond their lifespan.  Also it is possible during the removal process that clear coat and or paint may come off.  Although not common, it can happen.  It usually happens when the vehicle has been repainted, or “touched up” or when there is a paint/primer recall.

How Long Does the Vehicle Wrap Last?

There are some variables involved with your vehicle wrap, including the kind of weather you experience, temperature and other issues you cannot control. In Arizona, vehicle wraps longevity varies greatly depending on the film used and how the wrap is cared for. Standard film on horizontal surfaces left exposed 24 hours a day without regular cleaning will have a lifespan of about 12 months.  However, vehicle wraps that are meticulously maintained, waxed once a week, parked in covered parking overnight and see limited sun exposure look as good as the day they were wrapped 3 years ago.

Is Special Maintenance Required?

One of the great things regarding vehicle wrap advertisements is no special maintenance is required. Outside of washing your car several times a month you don’t need to do anything different. A clean vehicle ensures the wrap stays on for as long as possible. Not cleaning your vehicle often will reduce the life expectancy of the wrap.

What Kind of Vehicle Works?

Really, any kind of vehicle is able to receive a vehicle wrap, ranging from a coupe to a full-sized truck or even a semi. There is no size or shape requirement for a vehicle wrap. The wraps are made specifically for the panels of your vehicle, which allows for a perfect fit.

Best Practice for Information Placement

Many first-time vehicle wrap users want to place as much information onto the wrap as possible. Generally speaking, it is best to place as little as you need to sell your product. People only see the wrap when they drive past, so they need to be able to obtain all the vital information in a few moments.


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