Vehicle Wraps by SmartWrap | Client spotlight | Carrie Evans Photography

Carrie Evans recently invested in a vehicle wrap by SmartWrap on her Smart Car.

At SmartWrap we want to contribute to the success of our clients by creating highly effective vehicle wraps.  In addition, we like to feature our clients on our website and Facebook to help drive additional traffic their way. Take a look at Carrie’s Smart Car, and you will notice the * Asterisk or star symbol as a key element of her vehicle wrap design.  This symbol is actually the symbol for auto exposure lock on her camera.  The feature allows her to customize settings for each individual photograph.

Here is a quick video of Carrie’s vehicle wrap:

A little bit about Carrie…she was born and raised in sunny Scottsdale, AZ. When she was 9, Carrie had a lemonade stand. People would buy a lemonade and she would end up selling them my used and abused barbie dolls or a cabbage patch kid without a birth certificate. These items would just suddenly pop up from under the table. Sales were good, but then one day she discovered the camera. That is when her true passion emerged.
Carrie attended The University of Arizona and received a BFA in Fine Arts. Later, she ventured on to Richmond Virginia and received a master’s degree in mass communications from the country’s number one advertising school, Virginia Commonwealth University, Brandcenter. After school she began a career in advertising and worked as an art director coming up with catchy ad campaigns. She loved seeing her ideas come to life by art directing TV and print shoots for clients such as The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority. Simply put, she made ads for that brand with the awesome and familiar tagline, “What happens here, stays here.” Carrie also created ads for The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. You could imagine how fun those shoots were, and nowadays Carrie includes Boudiore photography as one of her specialties.  Busch Gardens was another fun client to make scary ads for their Halloween events. While in the advertising industry, Carrie knew that her talents with a camera needed to become something more. So she created my own brand, which is something that she had only dreamed about before.
Carrie feels so fortunate to actually be living it.Carrie’s photographic style is a mix of photojournalism and creative fashion-inspired portraiture. Of course, she will get your standard posed shots, but she really wants to capture the real you smiling, crying, laughing in that natural moment. Carrie strives to capture images that represent who her clients are, who their family and friends are. Carrie strives for long term creative relationship and she hopes that her time with her clients continues beyond their wedding. She wants you to think of her as a friend and personal photographer. Carrie wants to document her clients most memorable experiences throughout their lives including their first child, anniversary, birthdays, holidays and other important life moments.  Carrie would love to meet with you and share ideas.  Contact her by visiting or by calling 480.261.3879


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