How To Stand Out With Your Vehicle Wrap


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A question we get asked a lot at SmartWrap is “How do I make my vehicle wrap stand out?” To stand out, you could design the wrap with a lot of loud colors and loaded with graphics. However, we believe that would be a huge mistake!

We believe that making your wrap design positive and different is the first step to helping your company stand out, and this leads to your wrap being memorable.

Vehicle wrap for Baker’s Pool Service & Repair LLC

Check out the positivity that this wrap for Baker Pools emanates!

Let’s go back to positive and different for a second. Positivity, especially these days, is unbelievably important and highly underrated. Consumers need to feel something positive toward your brand before they’ll even consider using your services. Being different is a powerful way to stand out, but remember, you have to do it in a positive way.  Think of your competition, what colors do they use? Don’t use those colors. Think of your industry, what colors are fairly common? Don’t use those colors. For example, most pool service or plumbing companies use some variation of blue colors and stock photography of water. If you want to be different why not make your design purple?

Purple, grey, and yellow lightning bolt vehicle wrap design for Tap and Sons Electric

An electrical company that’s not green and blue? Oh yes! Thank you Tap and Sons!

Making your wrap memorable is as easy as making your wrap simple.  Too much information causes the person looking at it to tune out and look away. When we as humans don’t understand what we’re looking at or listening to, we turn away and pay attention to something else. We don’t like to be confused.  Don’t confuse the general public on who you are and what you stand for by having extra information that could easily be communicated over the phone or on a website once they have decided that you’re worth contacting.

After some research, it seems that we are not alone on our beliefs of how to make your vehicle wrap stand out!

This video sums up what we’re talking about in this article.

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