Which Vehicles Are Best For Business Vehicle Wraps?

It matters less what vehicle you have, the overall branding and design matters more.

There are many decisions you must face every day with your small business. Marketing your brand, getting your name out in front of the public, and doing it successfully are all things that will likely be high on your priority list. When you think about vehicle wrap design, you may wonder if your vehicles are right for this type of advertising.

Here’s the good news: it matters less what vehicle you have, the overall branding and design matters more.  Having said that, there are vehicles that definitely lend themselves to vehicle wraps more so than others.

  • Many of the newer model square/boxy designed vehicles make great vehicle wrap spaces. Besides being more fuel-efficient and easier to drive, their wide-open spaces are perfect venues for big, colorful graphics and logos.
    – If you do deliveries, house calls, or consultations, these vehicles are the way to go.
  • Minis and smaller rounded vehicles, such as VW Bug, or PT Cruiser look exceptional when wrapped.  Unfortunately, these vehicles have a lot of very difficult curves.  This requires more material and major installation labor.  They may be small, but these vehicles generally cost a lot more to wrap than larger vehicles, if you can, try to avoid these vehicles.
  • Large vans and trucks make a powerful impact with a vehicle wrap design. The sides are flat and large making it more like a billboard.  The vehicle is tall enough that the logo could be read even when partially blocked by another smaller vehicle
  • Fleet vehicles provide advertising opportunities in large numbers. Advertising on all of your company cars can be very effective if you do it right. Because you have many vehicles, your message should be clear and simple – you will be aiming for brand recognition, where each time another driver sees a car from your fleet, a word or two should instantly pop into their heads.  This is a most effective way of getting your brand and logo recognized across a wide area.


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