Tips to Increase Exposure

A vehicle wrap is an excellent way to increase company exposure on a limited budget. When your professional vehicle wrap is taken care of, you’ll be the proud owner of a drivable billboard, helping to build brand recognition.  However, what should you do now that your vehicle is wrapped? You can’t just let it sit in the driveway. Here are some tips for increasing your vehicle wrap exposure.

Keep the Wrap Clean

It doesn’t do you much good if the wrap is dirty and some of the information can’t be read. It also may reflect poorly on your business if the vehicle is muddy and the info distorted.


Parking your vehicle in a high traffic area can generate more extended exposure than most other options. While driving people only have a few moments to see your vehicle, you might find a parking space near an intersection or high pedestrian traffic area.

Rush Hour Traffic

Nobody really likes driving in rush hour traffic. However, you can use this to your advantage. Because traffic is slower, other drivers will have time to look around. If you’re in rush hour traffic you’ll increase your exposure to more drivers and have more time to do it.

With the help of your vehicle wrap, you’ll drive more interested customers to your business than ever before. You just need to take advantage of these tips to increase exposure, so don’t be shy!